Project Design Ltd, through Ms Kari Örtengren, is Sweden’s leading consultancy company in the area of objective oriented planning and monitoring according to the Logical Framework Approach (the LFA-method) and RBM strategy (Results-Based Management) and PCM (Project Cycle Management . Kari has an outstanding international and professional experience from planning and conducting over 200 LFA workshops (objective oriented participatory workshops) and more than 300 seminars on LFA and PCM (Project Cycle Management) in 29 different countries in a very broad range of sectors and with 22 years professional work in developing assistance. Her focus is on efficient and sustainable project/program- and business planning, project cycle management and project quality assessment. 

Kari Örtengren, has worked with international development co-operation since 1988, both from the perspective as a financier, as a regional manager and with development of projects, implementation and monitoring, as a trainer and an advisor to project groups. She is an expert on Project Cycle Management (PCM), the Logical Framework Approach (the LFA-method), as well as Results- Based Management (RBM) with a very broad knowledge on assessing, developing/planning, implementing programmes/ projects, as well as evaluating according to the LFA method and RBM. She is a professionally trained and  certified LFA facilitator (LFA moderator) of inter-active project planning and monitoring techniques according to the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). She is trained by the PCM Group in Brussels/Belgium.

The consultant has an exceptionally pedagogical experience after having planned, performed and monitored more than 300 training seminars, most often in project and programme planning and project assessment techniques and monitoring according to the LFA method, RBM and PCM (Project Cycle Management) in different countries (in Europe, Asia and Africa). Participants at the seminars have in evaluations of the seminars given a very positive response to the trainings. 

The assignments have included several different sectors and stakeholders, the public sector, private companies, municipalities  and the civil society, from NGOs supporting disabled children to engineers working in the industrial waste management sector. A bulk of the projects has been in the field of human rights, environmental protection, gender equality, social well fare and capacity building, European integration, decentralisation and good governance. The assignments have been in Europe (most of them in transition countries), Asia and Africa, 


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